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A Data Science leader today requires the right skill-sets and the capability to understand the business scenarios for a healthy organization. Let the business world know that you have the best technical knowledge and the right strategic thought process to grow and thrive in the organization.

The USDSI's Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™) is undoubtedly the ultimate qualification because of its extremely latest curriculum meeting the current trends and is developing a future-ready Senior Data Scientist. Our studies say a senior data scientist gets paid anywhere between US $150K to US $250K per year – with CSDS™ qualification under your belt, the chances of getting paid 40% higher increases absolutely.

A Self-paced and Agile Data Science Program

Get your latest program self-study kit worth up to US $725 FREE that includes:
  • Personalized Study-Books
  • Real-world workshop based eLearning
  • HD quality self-paced videos, vetted by the world’s best SMEs
  • State-of-the-art lab-based eLearning with sample projects and code
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Impactful and Engaged Learning

  • Learn at your own terms based on your personal schedule with the most well-structured content divided between StudyBooks, eLearning videos + workshops, and codes with real world practice exercises.

  • The latest data science workshop gives you a new and interactive learning approach which will help you know the real-side of the data science project design, development and delivery.

  • Start your learning from where you left off. Access your learning from anywhere, any time.

  • A simple commitment of 8-10 hours/week is all that’s required to excel in data science and fast-track your career.

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If you are already a data scientist with around six years of experience and are looking to increase your role by getting into decision-making at the organizational level, earning the CSDS™ certification should be your priority.

According to our studies, Data Scientist is the most analytical job role in the industry and is continuing to grow exponentially at 28% Y-o-Y. A Data Scientist can only lead limited data science projects if they do not have the right experience and skill-set. Therefore, Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™) provides an advanced and ground-breaking techno-commercial mindset to lead any data science project. The program is perfectly designed considering that a senior data scientist would anyway know the fundamentals, but it is important to make her competent with the advanced skills at a strategic level within any organization. CSDS™ certification comes with three years of validity, and you are required to renew it every three years from the date of earning certification.

Programming skills are not mandatory to apply for CSDS™ certification.

Program Fee: US $885


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The CSDS™ certification is selective to just the most cultivated of the world's most prestigious Data Scientists and is granted after a thorough, rigorous assessment. Following are the three CSDS™ groups for a prepared and high-achiever Data Science professional to become a certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™):

  • PATH 1

    Required Minimum Mandatory Qualification

    Must have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any academic discipline, preferably STEM, and willing to learn Data Science.

    Required Work Experience

    At least  five years of experience in Data Science, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Project Management, or any Programming languages etc.

  • PATH 2

    Required Minimum Mandatory Qualification

    Must have a Master's degree or equivalent in any academic discipline, preferably STEM, and willing to learn Data Science.

    Required Work Experience

    At least  four years of experience in Data Science, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, Management, etc.

  • PATH 3

    Required Minimum Mandatory Qualification

    Must have completed CLDS™ or other  equivalent certification.

    Required Work Experience

    At least four years of experience   for a candidate  who has completed  bachelor's degree or equivalent and three  years of experience   for a candidate  who has completed  Master's degree or equivalent.

Program Curriculum

The program’s curriculum is exclusively designed to meet the industrial demands of the most accomplished Senior Data Scientists to analyze and make the appropriate decisions at the organizational levels and get them recognized – be it from the technical standpoint or even a marketing standpoint. The program curriculum has been vetted and assessed by 30 of the most prominent and high-achieving Data Science leaders like CIOs and CTOs from Fortune 500 companies and data science influencers worldwide.

  • Data Science For Data Scientists 8% +
  • Essential Operations on Data 5% +
  • Essential Data Science For Data Scientists 12% +
  • Data Visualization Using Tableau 5% +
  • Data Science for Business 12% +
  • Big Data and Data Lake 13% +
  • Data Science Methods For Data Scientists 8% +
  • Data Science in Marketing 14% +
  • Elastic Stack for Data Scientists 15% +
  • DevOps and Cloud Computing 8% +
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Resource Hub

CSDS™ has a self-paced learning program for an accomplished data scientist that helps in expanding the technical leadership impact and potential. Since the program aims to transform high-achievers into technical leaders for greater impact in organizations, business, and industry, it is important that the program’s learning resource is exceptionally advanced and latest.
USDSI® provides you with a ‘resource hub’ which includes Study-Books, e-learning, and Practice Codes. The entire content of the resource hub is vetted and verified by the world-renowned ‘USDSI® Data Science Advisory Board’ that comprises of best subject matter experts and influencers of data science like CTOs, CIOs, Data Scientists, Technology leaders from fortune 500 companies. However, the program is designed as such that you require only 8-10 hours per week to grab the essential knowledge and get certified. We also update our curriculum at regular intervals to stay relevant and to reflect the modern data science trends.

The resource hub includes USDSI® Study-Book 1, Study-Book 2, and Study-Book 3 – all these eBooks cover the advanced data science topics that are relevant to the industry. The topics include NLP, Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps, Computer Vision, Data Lakes, and more, specially designed for the CSDS™ candidates.

Get Your Personalized Study-Books

You’ll get to view and learn from the best e-learning program for CSDS™ certification, which includes a relevant collection of self-paced videos that will help you know the latest technological advances in data science and how to manage your data science project. This module also covers workshops that will help you understand the practical challenges and solutions while managing a data science project.

Get Your Self-paced Sample Video

Another very important part of your learning is to practically test your preciously acquired knowledge with real-world data and scenarios. The CSDS™ Practice Codes help you put your learning into practice and make you ready for the real challenges at the current and future stage of your career.

Certificate and Digital Badging

Once you clear the prestigious examination, you will get a downloadable certificate, which will be available on your myControlPanel dashboard within 72 business hours. You will also receive a link to showcase your achievement on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a world-class digital badge named digiBadge. digiBadge is a digital certificate that will help you showcase your achievement digitally to everyone in detail.

Sample Digital Badge Sample Certificate

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