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Exam Process and Standards

USDSI® trails strict policies that help preserve the sacredness and reliability of its internationally well-known examinations and guarantee that a positive, healthy, objective and vicarious method is followed for assessing an applicant's suitability for the award of its respected identifications. The following information contains vital policy areas about which examinees should note.


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Scheduling/ Reschedule Examination

Once the examinee successfully registers for the certification, they should log in to your myControlPanel and click the Schedule tab. You can choose the available date and time slot for the assessment. You can schedule your exam after 25 days from the day of payment. USDSI® gives a 25-day immersion period for registrants mandatorily to help them orient entirely and build their conceptual foundations in Data Science. You can schedule the USDSI® certification exam of your choice any time after the 25-days immersion period is over. You will also get an additional 175-days to plan for and take your USDSI® certification exam. You can change your exam appointments for three or more business days before your scheduled exam date. To change the exam appointment, please log in to myControlPanel and click the Reschedule tab. If you are less than three business days before your scheduled exam date, you may not reschedule your exam, and if you miss your exam, then you will forfeit your fees.

Reappear policy for Examination

If the examinee cannot clear the exam in their SECOND attempt, a nominal exam fee of USD 149 will be charged to reappear for their Examination. The 'Reappear' button will automatically be enabled in your myControlPanel dashboard if you do not clear the Examination. After you click the 'Reappear' button, you will be redirected and prompted to pay the re-appearance Fee. Please note that this is not a one-time fee, and you will need to pay every time you apply to reappear for the same Examination.

*First two attempts to reappear in USDSI® Certification examination are free.

Exam duration and questions details

  • Exams will contain the knowledge and Competency-based questions.
  • All USDSI® certification exam is a multiple-choice computer-based exam and is of 100 minutes duration.
  • Each multiple-choice question has five choices, one or more of which is the correct answer. Applicants can answer randomly and can view or return or change the answers to previously answered questions at any time. Therefore, please ensure that the answers to each question have been properly reviewed before submitting the exam.
Certifications CDSP™ CLDS™ CSDS™
No. of Questions 60 70 80
Duration (minutes) 100 100 100
Pass Mark 70% 70% 70%
Open Book No No No

The policy of Examinee Behavior

USDSI® will not accept any misbehavior or embracing of biased resources. During Examination, the proctor or test manager will have the right to discharge an examinee from the examination session for any of the subsequent reasons:

If any candidate is found to have committed any of the above forms of misconduct, his exam will not be evaluated, and his fee will not be refunded. Also, there will be a six-month hold to retake the examination. In addition, USDSI® will review misconduct, which may lead to:

  • Cancel the candidate's previous or current test scores.
  • Revocation of test taker's certificate and digital badge.

Note: One should know that USDSI® is legally allowed to take action against anybody who intrudes upon copyright laws like duplicating and allocating examination content or resources. The questions bank, examination form, and anything related to examination has copyrights and are legal property of USDSI®.

Candidacy Reconsideration Form

If the examinee has disagreements with any USDSI® deed or choice against their candidacy, they can fill the FORM of Examination candidacy reconsideration request to get it considered.

If any emergencies lead to examinees missing scheduled exams, they should directly approach USDSI® to inform them about the matter.
In case of a genuine reason, an examinee is allowed to miss a scheduled USDSI® certification examination. Acceptable reasons include

  • If the examinee themselves or their immediate family member like spouse, parents, children, siblings, or grandparents are met with a serious accident or grow an unavoidable medical condition demanding grave devotion.
  • If there is some grief in the family for any immediate family members like spouse, parents, children, siblings, and grandparents
  • In case of any national duty, recruitment on juries or the examinee is called for by courts.

Suppose the examinee has to miss out on his/her scheduled USDSI® exam for any of the reasons mentioned above, in that case, the examinee is required to contact USDSI® and needs to make a request to retake the examination by submitting the required proof of any emergency occurrence.

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