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For many people, even a small change in any context can substantially affect their behavior – hence at USDSI®, we strongly develop an ethical culture within our ecosystem. We believe in the 3 Vs of the USDSI's ethical standards – Vision, Values, Virtues, and these ethical conduct and morals will help Data Science professionals to achieve the highest possible standards.

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The USDSI's Ethics and Standards Management Committee has pledged to review and maintain the ethical conduct and standards of all the programs and frameworks that the USDSI® projects under its brand. Ethical conduct is essential in the data science domain as every data is information and therefore urges to be analyzed for apt decision making. Suppose the data get flawed due to lack of professionalism; in that case, it is a severe hit to the organization and the education body that probably tried to build a personality while imparting the knowledge.

The 3 Vs. – Vision, Values, and Virtues are our three pillars upon which the USDSI® ethical foundation is built upon. The Ethics and Standards Management Committee holds these three pillars strongly while developing and reviewing the entire USDSI® ecosystem's professional conduct that includes candidates, alumni, staff, partners, SMEs, and vendors.

  • Vision

    The first pillar of our ethical conduct is the vision representing the futuristic approach of USDSI® and its ecosystem. Considering the fast-moving technical domain of Data Science, it becomes more critical that USDSI® works best to achieve its vision of providing the most relevant and desirable data science professionals to the world and fill the skill gap in the industry. This further enhances the technological advancements and thus helps to make our world a better place to live.

  • Values

    The second pillar of our ethical conduct is the values that the USDSI® believes strongly to inculcate within its ecosystem. Every candidate or a partner must have the right set of values of professional conduct, which, by any chance, must not be given up and must always be rock solid. Data science will always mean to analyze and represent the right sets of data; however, any misrepresentation of data because of unethical motives can be disastrous, and USDSI® will always take the strongest of actions on any unethical behavior and strip off the person in question of its ecosystem forever.

  • Virtues

    The third pillar of the USDSI's ethical framework is the virtues of professional conduct for any Data Science professional that believes in the highest quality and standards, which is of utmost importance to the USDSI's Ethics and Standards Management Committee. The continuous improvement and rigor in any data science practice must be imparted thoroughly to everybody in the ecosystem, making it a robust and future-ready profession.

Code of Ethics and Standards

All USDSI® certification holders, candidates, and partners globally must comply with the USDSI's Code of Ethics and Standards. The code of ethics and standard are updated annually and reserves to right to update it either due to the urgent recommendations by the USDSI's Ethics and Standards Management Committee or any other compliance and regulatory instructions by the United States government.

Individuals from USDSI® and contenders for the USDSI® assignment ("Members and Candidates*") must:

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