Factsheet: Data Science Careers in 2024/data-science-insights/factsheet-data-science-careers-in-2024

Factsheet: Data Science Careers in 2024

Factsheet: Data Science Careers in 2024

It has been an utmost pleasure for all the data science professionals as well as the industry leaders to mark this year 2023 off on a high note. Looking at the recent statistical growth update by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics; data science skills are deemed to drive a 27.9% surge in data scientist employment through 2026.

The exhaustively informative factsheet from USDSI® presents a clear imitation of the industry while throwing enough light on the past, present, and future. Talking of the whopping data science salaries offered by corporate giants worldwide, this factsheet talks about what it takes to be at the top data science jobs, and what is expected of a data science aspirant.

Empowering your portfolio with the best data science certifications is the way to go. Leading industry recruiters are looking for you if you possess something extra from the crowd. Add up the quality data science skills and land your preferred data science job in possibly no time

Download Factsheet 2024 for the latest trends, tricks, and tips to enter the Data Science Industry!

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