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Why is Data Science a Popular Career Choice?

Why is Data Science a Popular Career Choice?

Is it worth to begin a career in Data Science? This question has haunted every data aspirant while making this big decision. Not only that, a career is not just about a stream of work; it decided your destiny and impacts your livelihood. This is where data science as an industry has surpassed many benchmarks as against any other industry of work today.

The growing use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies is another factor driving the demand for professionals skilled in data science. This industry has experienced a surge in job growth of 650% over these years (excerpts from LinkedIn). This clearly sets the bar right for the aspirants to make the big move into the data science industry.

Are you still thinking or confused? We get you an amazing data science reveal on a salary structure. Believing Payscale, the recent statistics show an entry-level data scientist taking home a package that ranges between USD 75,000 and USD 100,000 per annum. Isn’t that a great beginning?

If that is the salary offered at the beginning of your career in data sciences, expect a moolah driving your home as a skilled professional. This is why data science has become a clear hot pick of today’s times as with the rising data surplus, the qualified pool of data scientist talent is going down the hill.

It is imperative to equip yourself with top-rated and highly trusted data science certifications that are targeted to amplify and strengthen your career trajectory. Senior data scientists are screened to earn a whopping USD 180,000 to top the salary bar; with years of expertise.

Also, with the rise of data being generated from businesses across the globe, it has necessitated the role of an efficiently qualified data science professional to make sense of this data. This is why they are the only yardstick that assists the stakeholders and the business leaders to make informed decisions to make big business moves.

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