Demystifying Value of Data Science Learning for Organizations and Their Employees/data-science-insights/demystifying-value-of-data-science-learning-for-organizations-and-their-employees

Demystifying Value of Data Science Learning for Organizations and Their Employees

Demystifying Value of Data Science Learning for Organizations and Their Employees

With the increasing amount of big data generated in businesses, data science has recently started receiving a significant amount of attention. Multiple organizations have started investing in data science specialists and experts to carry out functions involving modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
However, for organizations to undergo such massive transformation, one needs to be certain about the company’s readiness to do business using data science. More so, it is important to evaluate how willing an organization is to start implementing data science in their production.
Moving further, we would talk about the significance of data science learning and why it is vital for organizations and their employees.

Data science learning for organizations

Data constantly drive the world we’re living in, and the sole purpose of data science is to detect patterns and trends to predict future events. With the help of statistical techniques, data science specialists analyze and draw potential insights from the data. From data extraction to data wrangling and deployment, a data scientist needs to study the data deeply.

One can now analyze almost anything and everything with the help of data. Any organization that uses data science can add value to the organization’s business.

Modern businesses are becoming awash with data.
A statement made by Ted Dunning, CTO for MapR at HPE says, “enterprises can get the most value out of data science only when data analysts or data scientists are embedded in business teams.”

Organizations need to understand the need for data science specialists and experts in their business functions. One way to make this happen is by introducing data science learning within organizations. Not only will data science help the company reap benefits but also assist the company in making smart business decisions. The world will need more data science specialists and experts with the right skills in data science to achieve this.

Irrespective of the fact that the world generates nearly 2.5 exabytes of data daily, companies are still facing challenges hiring the right talent.

Some of the major reasons why companies struggle to hire the right data talents are due to the lack of technical skills, at times, companies themselves are not sure about what they want. Some companies do not have hard data problems, and even if they do, they don’t know how to match data science talent to solve their problems.

Evaluate data science learning for employees

Big data is of no value without an expert who can turn cutting-edge technology into actionable insights. For employees or aspiring data science specialists who don’t have any formal qualification in the field, obtaining data science certifications could probably be an ideal career choice. With the increasing amount of data being generated daily, professional certifications are an excellent way for aspiring data scientists to pace up in this dynamic landscape.

Becoming a certified data science professional easily moves your portfolio forward to at least a thousand rows ahead of other candidates.

Not to mention, many organizations have started encouraging their employees to get themselves enrolled in data science. Such organizations are likely to have a more technically advanced employee in their team.

Even more, a certified data scientist has a higher chance of getting promotions more often. Whopping salaries, gain a competitive edge, and staying employable are some of the advantages of earning a data science certification.


Organizations need data to create data-driven decision models for better customer experiences. In simple words, data scientists play a significant role in making a business grow better. With the actionable insights provided, organizations can easily adopt a proper business strategy and customize themselves according to the current market conditions.

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