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Fundamentals of Data Science

Fundamentals of Data Science

Anyone looking to make a career in Data Science or want to advance in their data science career cannot afford to skip the fundamental concepts of data science. The fundamentals or concepts act like the foundation of an empire you are thinking of building.

Data Science is a multidisciplinary field, and students and professionals must possess a wide array of expertise to excel in this career path. Starting with the basics, they must have a strong understanding of mathematics and statistics which will help them reason, and build algorithms for data science models. Next, they must be good at computer science. Programming languages like Python, R, etc. are the top tools you will be using to perform your data science tasks. And finally, a solid understanding of business/domain knowledge is mandatory to figure out business problems and derive relevant outputs.

Data Science is a growing field that is expected to boost exponentially in the coming years, increasing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals who can earn an annual average of $100000-$200000 in the US. But before you reap the reward, you must make your foundations strong.

Check out this detailed infographic that will help you understand the core fundamentals of data science.

Fundamentals of Data Science

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