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Quick Learning Path for Modern-Day Data Scientists

Quick Learning Path for Modern-Day Data Scientists

Data science is one career path that will never go out of fashion. The amount of data generated every minute is just exploding and organizations need skilled and certified data scientists who can do their job efficiently and the organizations north.

Do you know the average annual salary of data scientists in the US is $157,162, as reported by Glassdoor, and this figure is only going to increase in the coming future? So, if you are planning to get into a data science career path, then you are on the right track.

The detailed infographic below highlights the quick learning path that will help you become a modern-day data scientist. There are 3 steps that you need to follow:

  • Create a strong foundation on the fundamental concepts of data science which includes mastering mathematics and statistics, computer science and programming language, and business and domain knowledge.
  • Then learn the advanced data science tools and techniques, and gain practical experience through hands-on data science projects
  • Validate your data science skills, experience, and expertise with the best data science certifications.

That’s it. You can easily get started with your data science career journey then. In the infographic below, explore some more interesting facts and figures related to a data science career. Check it out now.

To make this learning path easier for you, we have created a detailed infographic on how to quickly learn data science. Grab your copy now and understand how you can get started and march ahead toward this rewarding career path.

Quick Learning Path for Modern-Day Data Scientists

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