Big Data Vs Data Science- A Detailed Comparison/data-science-insights/big-data-vs-data-science-a-detailed-comparison

Big Data Vs Data Science- A Detailed Comparison

Big Data Vs Data Science- A Detailed Comparison

Data Science and Big Data are visibly identical worlds but differ on various parameters. Understanding this differentiator calls for in-depth research of the two arenas of work. Where on the one side, data science is about asking the right questions, extracting insights, and communicating discoveries. On the other side, big data is the whopping data that consists of information that the organizations have acquired over time. Big data dwells on volume, velocity, variety, and veracity.

IDC predicts 120 zettabytes of data were created by the previous year; that is expected to reach up to 181 zettabytes by 2025. These statistics are critical to infer big business transitions for the long term. Gartner also shares that 70% of the world’s data is user-generated. It brings the spotlight to the data revelations.

To understand the key variations between big data and data science, it is essential to master a popular data science certification from a renowned credential provider worldwide. This will not only enhance your clarity on the topic but also enable you to master futuristic data science skills in a self-paced manner.

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