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Data Engineering Fueling the Internet of Things (IoT) Revolution

Data Engineering Fueling the Internet of Things (IoT) Revolution

Just like the interconnection of a variety of IoT devices, data engineering and the IoT industry are highly interconnected too. In fact, data engineering is fueling the Internet of Things or IoT revolution.

The first point to note is the humongous amount of data being generated every day. IDC reported the global data sphere is expected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025. That means there will be surplus amount of data available for data analysis and take businesses forward. But in the same time, it poses the biggest challenge of handling such huge amount of data.

Similarly, IoT devices generate data in different formats. Sensors in manufacturing industry, devices used in healthcare, wearables, home devices, all generate data that requires proper formatting before analysis. Not just that, handling data in real time also poses a significant challenge in industries like healthcare where remote patient monitoring is required. Same is the case in autonomous vehicles where real-time analysis of data and decision-making is important.

Data engineering provides efficient solutions to all these challenges provided by IoT data. In the following guide we highlight different challenges of IoT data in detail along with the solutions offered by data engineering. We also explore some of the top applications of Data engineering in IoT.

So, Download your copy now and learn the synergy between Data engineering and IoT.

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