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Top Programming Languages for Data Scientists | Infographic

Top Programming Languages for Data Scientists | Infographic

“Python is the deal-breaker for many of the popular tasks for data scientists.” Yes, you read that right! Data scientists are faced with diversified statistical and mathematical problems that are efficiently catered by Python. Leading the wagon, Python is followed by R, Julia, Scala, and many such powerful data science programming languages. They are proctored to do wonders for the business problems at hand.

Coding plays a critical role in data science as well. Github.io marks a whopping 27.93% share for Python; with Java following suit with 16.78%, Java script settling for 9.63%, and thereon. With the Global Data Science Market reaching astounding heights in the year 2024; it is expected of all qualified data science professionals to learn the nuances of top programming languages to make a difference. To grow with the flow, data scientists are pressed to gain in-depth comprehension of these popular programming tricks.

Python, Scala, R, SQL, Javascript, Julia, C++, and MatLab are rated among the top programming languages to be mastered by 2024. This could be your opportunity to make a mark in the data science industry with a difference. Make yourself indispensable in the next interview as you proceed with the most in-demand data science programming languages of all time.

Make the move and earn the best data science certifications powering your data scientist portfolio with top programming languages today!


Top Programming Languages for Data Scientists

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